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food grade, health grade
  • CAS Number 3081-61-6
  • Molecular Formula C7H14N2O3
  • Molecular Weight 174.2
  • Package:25kg/drum
  • Function: Decrease blood pressure,Sedation,Relaxation
  • Application: raw material of health care products and food additives
  • Tags: Blood pressure regulation Improve memory

    L- theanine is also named glutamyl ethylamine and belongs to the amide compounds.


    1.         Decrease blood pressure

    2.         Sedation

    3.         Improve study abilityL- theanine has positive effects on memory and learning ability. It can prevent Parkinson's disease, menopausal syndrome, senile dementia, nerve function disorder and other diseases.

    4.         Relaxation: L- theanine can promote the alpha generation and make the person into a state of relaxation.

    5.         L- theanine has effects on cardiac diuretic and vasodilatory, it is benefit to the prevention and treatment of hepatic coma, memory impairment and mental decline.

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