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Transfer factor

  • Package:1kg/bag
  • Function:
  • Application: Boost immunity human supplements
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    Our high quality spleen nucleotide and peptides is extracted from pig spleen, it can adjust immunity and enhance resistance. It can also be used together with vaccine to enhance the it's effect and shorten the immune blank period.


    Transfer Factor/ Spleen Nucleotide And Peptides Powder


    Off-white to light yellow granule or powder


    1kg/bag, composite film bags, out covered with foam carton

    Storage & Shelf life

    Store in cool and dry place(below 20℃),about 2 years

    Loss on drying


    Ninhydrin reaction


    Total bacterial count

    <1000 cfu/ml

    Peptides content

    ≥20.0 mg/g



    Ribose Content

    ≥330 μg/ml

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