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food grade, medicine grade,health grade

    XOS is also called wood oligosaccharides, it’s functional polymer sugar formed by 2-7 xylose combined by molecules β (1-4) glycosidic bond. It is a highly effective prebiotics. XOS has good physical and chemical properties and physiological effects, sweetness is equivalent to 40% of sucrose, sugar powder is white or light yellow solid powder.

    Product Features:

        1, Highly selective proliferation bifidobacteria, the effectiveness is 10 - 20 times of other polymeric carbohydrate, it can proliferate beneficial bacteria in the human body, and inhibit other harmful bacteria to breed, breed.

    2, It is difficult to be broke down by the human digestive enzymes system, its energy is almost zero, neither affect blood glucose levels nor increase blood glucose insulin levels, it will not form fatty deposits. It is particularly suitable for diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure  patients.

    3, It has good sour and thermal stability, it can cover pH value of most food system.

    4, The effective intake is little, daily intake of the effective dose is 0.7-1.4g.

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