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PTFE nano film

PTFE nano film

  • CAS Number 9002-84-0
  • Package:Width: 17.5cm, length:1050m, average volume: 183m2
  • Function:
  • Application: Mask filter layer
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    Mask is a kind of sanitary product, which is generally used to filter the air entering the mouth and nose by wearing it on the mouth and nose, so as to block harmful gases, smells and droplets from entering and leaving the mouth and nose of the wearer.

    Masks generally use physical electrostatic adsorption technology to filter solid particles, but electrostatic adsorption masks have a disadvantage: when static electricity is added, it is not always saturated. In every link of mask production, packaging, delivery, transportation, and opening to consumers, the electrostatic content in the non-woven fabric layer will gradually reduce, and the electrostatic attenuation is inevitable , therefore, it can only be used once.

    Recently, the Chinese society of composite materials proposed a new development direction of epidemic prevention - Nano masks. Nano mask has become an effective medical protective mask due to its high filtering performance. Similar to traditional medical masks, nano masks also include outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, ear hook, nose clip and other parts. The special feature of the nano mask is that the middle layer is made up of nano film with smaller aperture (100-200nm), which is generally made up of PTFE film.

    Seebio biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive supplier of new materials, has the national class II medical device business qualification and specializes in providing medical grade PTFE nano film

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