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Guar gum

  • Code:
  • Grade:food grade, industrial grade,cosmetics grade
  • CAS Number 9000-30-0
  • EC Number 232-536-8
  • Package:25kg/barrel
  • Function: gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent, emulsifier
  • Application: food, medicine, fossil oil, daily chemical products, petroleum, paper making, textile, printing
  • Tags: Dietary supplements Dietary fiber Ingredients Nutrition fortifier

    Guar gum is a kind of natural polysaccharides with high purification extracted from legume guar, it is milky white free flowing powder after being dried and crushed. Guar gum is macromolecular natural hydrophilic colloid, it is the most effective and best water soluble natural polymer as known.

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