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Scope of service
Long-term commissioned procurement on reagents, raw materials (Saccharides & Carbohydrates, nucleic acid & derivatives, amino acids & derivatives, proteins & enzymes, biological buffer solution, surfactant, electrophoresis agents, vitamin, hormone, cleaning agents, new materials etc.), diagnostic enzymes for industrial use, lab supplies, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, plant extracts, food additives, daily chemicals (cosmetics & household), agricultural chemicals and other raw materials origin from China mainland.

1. Focusing on integrity, Seebio strictly implements the agreement and safeguard the interest of buyers, which earned a good reputation.
2. We have operated business over a decade and owned agencies in major capital cities. Our network is wide and smooth as well.
3. A professional and quick-response team helps customer solve any technical problem ASAP and custom synthesis service is available.
4. Check the plant as a deputy of foreign buyers to reduce risk and catch any potential business opportunities.
5. Save time and cost, which helps to reduce transnational procurement expense directly.
6. A rich resource of products in China and a quick and convenient purchase help to reduce risk of inventory and price.
7. Since we focus on a long-term cooperation of mutual benefit, the commision is comparatively low.

1. Customer submits a procurement list.
2. Seebio analyzes customer’s requirement and specification, and reply to customer for a confirmation..
3. Sign commissioned procurement contract, evalution of plant and letter of trade confirmation.
4. The client provides necessary proof or document for Seebio to apply for license, quota, certificate of origin and other documents.
5. The client pays for goods, fees, commissions and other related costs.
6. Seebio purchase goods and make custom declaration after inspection pass.
7. After clearance, the agent will ship the goods to designated port in time as agreed and help the client with clearance affairs.
8. A quality tracking will be persuited after the buyer recieve the goods.

1. Price will be adjusted due to market fluctuations. Seebio will update the price list and inform the customer regularly.
2. Price and fees for non-exclusive products are determined jointly.
3. Procurement, if involving patent infringement or goods prohibited by national laws or regulation, will be rejected.

If you’re interested in purchasing agent service, click to fill THE LETTER OF INTENT OF PURCHASE SERVICE , or download and complete Procurement Demand in Chinese Market.PDF and List of Products to be purchased.xls , then fax to 86 21 5027 2982 or email to or as an attachment. We promise to keep customer’s confidentiality strictly. (See PRIVACY POLICY ). Seebio’s service will contact you within 24 hours. Please tip us again by email or online submission if a reply is not recieved within 3 business days.